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Template & Installation FAQs

At Millennium Stone Ltd in Port Chester, New York, we know that job doesn't end with your quartz, granite, or other stone selection. The template and installation phase is equally important, and is essential to ensuring that your new countertops fit flawlessly in your kitchen or bathroom. Here, you can learn a little bit more about how the process works.

Q: I have found the perfect stone. What's next?

A: Once you have found the perfect stone for your kitchen or bathroom, we provide you with a start to finish estimate that will accurately take in to account every aspect of the project. Included in your estimate is pricing for cut-outs and template to fabrication and installation. We also account for any special services your project may require. After you agree on our fair price estimate, we require a 50% deposit to secure your slab and template appointment.

Q: What takes place during the template phase?

A: Perhaps the most important part of the process, the template phase involves taking precise measurements of the tops of your cabinets as well as determining placement of your sinks and appliances, such as refrigerator, cooktops and stoves, to ensure that your new stone will fit like a glove. In order to advance to the template stage of the project, all base cabinets must be in place and all appliances must be on site or installed. To ensure that your installation runs as smoothly as possible, please keep us updated on the progress of your project and any changes that may arise. Template appointments will be scheduled by your salesperson.

Q: Who does your templating?

A: We do our own templates. Our template crew is fully employed by Millennium Stone.

Q: I'm keeping my existing cabinetry and just replacing the countertops. Do you remove the existing tops?

A: No. Millennium Stone does not do countertop removal. You will need to make arrangements with another party to do the removal. 

Q: Do I need to be there for the template?

A: You do not have to be present for the template appointment, but your attendance is strongly recommended. The template appointment is your chance to see what the finished product will look like before your countertops arrive. During your appointment, our experienced template professional will discuss overhangs and corners along with other important details such as returns and seam placement. If you cannot attend this appointment, you need have your contractor or designer there to make decisions on your behalf.

Q: Do I need to come to Millennium Stone to lay out my templates?

A: Laying out the templates on your slabs is not a requirement for installation, but it is highly recommended. It is specifically encouraged for slabs with a lot of movement. We want your input into how the slabs will be cut with special attention to the placement of seams (if needed) and where you might want certain areas of the slab to appear on the countertops. This is also important if there is a center island since it is generally the main focus of the room. Template layouts must be done no later than one week after the template appointment to ensure the project schedule stays intact.

Q: What is the turn-around time for the installation of my new countertops?

A: Installation typically takes place two weeks after the day of the template. You should plan on allowing one to three hours for installation. 

Q: Who does your installations?

A: As with templating we employ fully trained and experienced installation teams that will handle the job.

Q: What specifically does Millennium Stone do during the installation?

A: After the countertops are set on the cabinets, the installers apply adhesive to hold everything in place. If there are any seams, they apply epoxy in between the slabs and then use a special setting machine called "The Gorilla" to pull the slabs together. "The Gorilla" holds the seam tight and flush until the epoxy is dry. Next they mount the sink under the countertop and drill holes for the faucet, soap dispenser, etc. Finally they clean and seal all of the countertop surfaces.

Q: Does Millennium Stone hook up the plumbing for the sink?

A: No. You will need a plumbing contractor to do that.